El Patron has been in the Hands of lots of pirates. Most of them get El Patron at Dark Heart just like i did. El Patron has a Ghost Form that turns you into a Green Ghost. Thats Pretty Awesome right? Many people say El Patron is the best looking Weapon. But i think Thunderspine is. El Patrons Perks are Ghost Form Rank 3, Drain Voodoo Rank 3, And +3 Sweep. Plus 3 Sweep is good if you already have 5 Sweep. Cause then it goes too 8 and it is very Powerful. I have my sweep at 8 right now and it hurts Dark Heart almost half way! If you want too get El Patron then go too Dark Heart. I wish you good luck. If you want too learn more please contact me. At Brandon22456. Peace Out.

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