Hi guys im thinking of leaving my current guild and starting a new one that i'll name Cheesefries United! If any o' ya'll wanna join me then just leave a comment and we can arrange a meeting! Its an army guild by the way!


1: Always obey the rules

2: Ask before you tp

3: Be nice

4: Dont leave us without saying why (unless its for personal reasons and you dont wanna say)

5: Please dont spam 

6: Meetings are in Spanish privateer island in the tents. 

7: Say "Wb" when a person joins or logs on please

8: There are no level limitations. Yet


Unless i know you then you will always be a member when you start. If you obey most of the rules then I will make you a veteran. If I want you to be a commander or i just have my reasons then you will be an officer. you will NOT be  promoted by saying "Please promote me please promote me". Its just annoying. 

And again if you wanna join then comment and we can arrange a meeting!


Tom Deckeagle (Guildmaster)

Ben Warhawk (Officer, My Second in Command)

William (Officer, My Third in Command)

Captain Dog (Officer)

Christopher Columbus (Veteran)

Johnny Shipstealer (Veteran)

Kat (Veteran)

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