• C. Scar

    Story Quest: Jolly Roger

    January 15, 2012 by C. Scar

    These be dark days for the pirates indeed, Navy fleets attacking pirates at see, Eeast India Trading Co Assassins attacking pirates on land, and a great threat looking to destroy pirates every where, JOLLY ROGER. He is overwhelming the poor pirates during his invasions and defenseless pirates at sea. This threat must be destroyed, permanently. Jack Sparrow, Jolly Roger's main target, is the only one that can help us in this time of need. He is mostly at Tortuga in his favorite tavern, Faithful Bride.

    Jolly Roger has in his power a great army of undead minions, for that you will have to recruit the strongest pirates in the Caribbean to fight alongside you and jack when the time comes for you to face Jolly Roger. Yer first target is Captain T…

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  • C. Scar

    Servers dissapearing!!!

    December 18, 2011 by C. Scar

    Ahoy, mates. This morning i was about to log in to Potco, but i found something very strange, ANDABA WAS NOT THERE!!!!

    Another day I saw again and guess what, Andoso is gone too!!!!!

    Where are these servers dissapearing? Whyis this happening? Is it a glitch or on purpose?

    These servers have returned to Potco so, false alarm, ye be free to continue with yer pirate activities. Read more >
  • C. Scar

    Navy and EITC War Brig

    December 13, 2011 by C. Scar

    Hello everyone! Do you think sometime after the release of the War Brig for the pirates, the Navy and EITC will get their hands on this Grand Ship? How will it look like? I think it with look like this:

    Well tell me what ye think in the comments. How do you think they will call it? But let's all hope they will never gets some of these,

    Fare winds, mateys!!!!

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  • C. Scar

    Ship Customization - Plans

    December 8, 2011 by C. Scar

    Ship customization will soon be on live!!! But, while it is ready, we should plan what we will get when it comes out to live. Tell me your ideas and what you would want Potco to add to Ship customization or perhaps on the rest on general gameplay. ( I am not a Tester so don't ask me about details )

    1. War Brig + Reinforced III + Skull & Crossbones + Black Sails + Open Fire Rigging The Dark Revenge
    2. War Sloop + Streamline III + StormChaser + Blue Sails + Take Cover Rigging + ????? Emblem (Any suggestions?) The Storm Hunter
    3. Normal War Frigate until i decide what to do with it. Suggestions?

    That's up to you mate, post it on the comments to let me and yer other pirate mates know what you will get.

    Avast, me hearties!!!!

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  • C. Scar

    Thee Diplomat - Old or New

    November 29, 2011 by C. Scar

    Hi, tell me, what do you like most, the Old Thee Diplomat or the New Thee Diplomat? I like better the old one because many would have used it looking like an EITC soldier outfit, but now, it isn't so exciting. Well, Farewell, mateys! And please comment and let me know your opinion.

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