Ship Customization

Ship customization will soon be on live!!! But, while it is ready, we should plan what we will get when it comes out to live. Tell me your ideas and what you would want Potco to add to Ship customization or perhaps on the rest on general gameplay. ( I am not a Tester so don't ask me about details )

What I will get

  1. War Brig + Reinforced III + Skull & Crossbones + Black Sails + Open Fire Rigging The Dark Revenge
  2. War Sloop + Streamline III + StormChaser + Blue Sails + Take Cover Rigging + ????? Emblem (Any suggestions?) The Storm Hunter
  3. Normal War Frigate until i decide what to do with it. Suggestions?

What will YOU get

That's up to you mate, post it on the comments to let me and yer other pirate mates know what you will get.

Avast, me hearties!!!!

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