Story Quest: Jolly Roger

Chapter One: Meeting the Legend

These be dark days for the pirates indeed, Navy fleets attacking pirates at see, Eeast India Trading Co Assassins attacking pirates on land, and a great threat looking to destroy pirates every where, JOLLY ROGER. He is overwhelming the poor pirates during his invasions and defenseless pirates at sea. This threat must be destroyed, permanently. Jack Sparrow, Jolly Roger's main target, is the only one that can help us in this time of need. He is mostly at Tortuga in his favorite tavern, Faithful Bride.

Jack Sparow

Meeting the Legend

Chapter Two: Forming an Army

Jolly Roger has in his power a great army of undead minions, for that you will have to recruit the strongest pirates in the Caribbean to fight alongside you and jack when the time comes for you to face Jolly Roger. Yer first target is Captain Tonio del Valle and his crew to join. Ye will have to look in Port Royal or Kingshead for his "relationship" with the Navy. When you find the captain ask him who would be the next person to recruit. Go on ye filthy pirate, we will never serve Jolly Roger!


Forming an Army

Pirates 3

Forming an Army

Chapter Three: Weakening an army

A great army of pirates will not be enough to defeat Jolly Roger himself, in his territory. Ye will have to attack undead targets on land, and ye will have to destroy high ranked undead, such as General Darkhart, so that getting to Roger can be easier. At sea we must weaken his fleet as well as his flagships to get rid of some undead pests sailing in the Caribbean.

Jolly potco villains

Weakening an Army

Undead army

Weakening an Army

Chapter Four: Getting a Map

As we do not know the location of Jolly Roger's headquarters, ye will have to find a mysterious map with its location, lost by some fool. This map has been lost, true, but can be found by informants all around the Caribbean. Start at Tortuga asking Orinda Le Jeune, as she knows most of the things that happen at the docks of Tortuga. But be quik about it, as Jolly Roger is gaining more and more undead servants while we talk. Once found we will use the map to go to his headquarters and finish him, once and for all.


Getting a Map

Chapter Five: Jolly Roger

It be time mateys!!! We have all we need to take down Jolly Roger's undead army. Get yer crew and commeandeer the Black Pearl alonside Jack Sparrow and help him fight Jolly Roger. But beware, many threats await you at that mysterious island. Good Luck and Fair Winds!!! You'll need them both.

Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger

The Harkaway1

Jolly Roger: The Harkaway


Access to Shipwreck Cove!

Make your own sword pistol and dagger

10000 gold

5 automatic lvl up ( if lvl 50 turns to lvl 55

You can do the Jolly Roger scenario whenever you want ( just like the Black Pearl Boss Battle )

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