First It's with Ben Bowman being Super Bowman, and now it's James Howe as a Ghost Hunter,

So Last night, an hour after the last feats of strength race happened, Me, Dent, and a couple of other people who were part of the crowd that went afk experienced the most random thing (In my opinion).
So I'm just afk lurking reading Forums and chatting with friends and stuff, I come back to check on the game to see what is happening, and then there is Dent asking me if I saw "that" and of course I missed it but somebody else saw it too, turned out it was a Blue Ghost Orb. A minute or two later GM James Howe Shows up looking for a Rogue Ghost named John Moses, and we chat with him for a while, he takes off, I get the bright idea using wide spread damage weapons to get the Ghost GM out to get James Howe Back (Genius :P) and so a bunch of grenades go flying around and people begin using Staff's and then a while later after doing this people mysteriously begin getting knocked out, I got knocked out twice.... LOL, and then after Dent got knocked out, The Blue orb appeared, and headed right inside Barbossa's Grotto and was never seen again and that was it. Amidst all of the commotion and stuff, I forgot to screen all of them and turns out I only took two screens :( So I would love to see what you guys got to say about this strange event.

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