Today I have made a confusing discovery. While going through various random searches links and pages of this wiki i came across an image of a pistol i thought looked familiar, so i began searching and found the same pistol that was used in the potc movies. Of couse the pistol was Barbossa's. So then I began reading this page. And in the unreleased pistol section I found nothing about Barbossa's pistol except a Broadsword in the unreleased broadsword section of the page named "Barbossa's Edge". So either this pistol is was only made purposely to put on the Barbossa Model in Barbossa's Grotto on Devil's Anvil, or there is a unfounded listing of Barbossa's Pistol somewhere, OR the pistol's model will be used with a different name.

PotCO Barbossa Pistol Model


PotC Barbossa Pistol

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