as you all know the sword of triton has been introduced into the game using a code.

the lore tells it has unknow powers and that its the sword of blackbeard himself.

and im usre many find it strange that the sword of the legendary blackbeard is just a rare broadsword with 36 attack and a hurricane slash ability. i also wondered how this could be and send a mail to potco asking them to clear things up. the answer i got as good as proofs that the sword has hidden powers so in the future there might be a way to unlock a higher attack and aditional skills and maybe even a higher rating than rare on the sword by some for now unknown way.

what i want to know is: what kind of skills do you hope te sword might gain? skills like boosts skills like ghost form or special elemental sweeps like the legendary cursed blades or something completely new?

TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS!Callico Jack 20:46, April 19, 2011 (UTC)

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