• Cap'n Bloodheart

    in each state there is a different time peirod bristol is golden age of piracy, scottland aka bunedien as it is called in this story bunedein is midevil times usa aka usf is the american revelucion and the hiniks are the same as bunedein and the garg-oils (which are made up by my friend Burglebuber) are in the1500s. copyright cap'n bloodheart

    Pirates of the seven seas.

    it was 1256 april 7 wednesday and there were 3 people sitting in a bar and there was one who had a sword in his belt and said to one of the other people in the bar "hey! tom you ideot i was about to tell ye a story and you walk away ye ye i dont no what ye are but ye an't good, any way bloody sit down and lissin to my story" tom said "but i am thirsty" the other person named j…

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