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aka Pierre Le Porc (POTBS)

  • I am an English Privateer!
  • Capt Shruikan

    Ahoy! This is the newest addition to my ship type spotlights! Here are statistics and screens of a Storm Chaser Level 6 War Galleon, owned by John Seaeaston.

    Max Normal Speed: 12 knots

    With Ramming Speed: 22 knots

    With Full Sail: 17 knots

    Turning Speed: 6 knots

    Reverse Speed: 6 knots

    Cargo Room: 18

    45% Thunder on 24 broadside cannons- Epic! (Averages about 8 bolts per broadside with level 6 hull)

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  • Capt Shruikan

    Ahoy Wiki!

    I'm sad to say that I am leaving POTCO until further notice. I lose unlimited tomorrow and I am getting bored of the game; only SVS and Ship Customization entertains me now. I spend too much time in those areas and I don't have much time for POTCO anymore.

    I have played since late 2007, joining right after Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom closed. For 4 and a half years, I have mastered two pirates and gotten another two to lvl 35 and 38. I have gotten great loot on Capt Shruikan and I mastered both his SVS and PVP Infamy. In addition, I got my lvl 38, Sun Tzi, to mastered SVS infamy. I have gotten two rank 6 hull war frigates and a rank 5 war sloop on Shruikan. On Sun I got a rank 4 war galleon and war sloop. I didn't quite get to r…

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  • Capt Shruikan

    Attention Bright Sack Vest owners: Myself (Capt Shruikan) and Davy Squidfitte will be hosting a screenshot event for owners of BRIGHT sack vests ONLY. All colors are welcome. We will be standing as a group near General Darkheart on the Antassa Server, at 7PM EST. Come out and show off your sack vest!

    What: Bright Sack Vest Group Screenshot

    Where: Antassa Darkheart

    When: Sunday, February 19th- 7:00 PM Eastern Time, 4:00 PM Pacific Time - PLEASE BE ON TIME!

    Hope to see you there!

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  • Capt Shruikan

    Well, I got requests for screens of any Rank 4 upgrade on a War Galleon and I thought that fortune hunter best suited one, so I built one on my second pirate, Sun Tzi. The ship's name is Dark Shark, and it is also equipped with Rank 1 Defense Rigging.


    • Cargo: 27!!!
    • Speed: 11 knots
    • 15% chance of Firebrand broadsides
    • (Sail color shown: Red)


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  • Capt Shruikan

    Funny Directory Names

    December 23, 2011 by Capt Shruikan

    I'm beginning to wonder if the people Disney hired for name aprroval even look at the names...

    P.S. Pictures are deformed -_- so click to view them.

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