Ahoy Wiki!

I'm sad to say that I am leaving POTCO until further notice. I lose unlimited tomorrow and I am getting bored of the game; only SVS and Ship Customization entertains me now. I spend too much time in those areas and I don't have much time for POTCO anymore.

I have played since late 2007, joining right after Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom closed. For 4 and a half years, I have mastered two pirates and gotten another two to lvl 35 and 38. I have gotten great loot on Capt Shruikan and I mastered both his SVS and PVP Infamy. In addition, I got my lvl 38, Sun Tzi, to mastered SVS infamy. I have gotten two rank 6 hull war frigates and a rank 5 war sloop on Shruikan. On Sun I got a rank 4 war galleon and war sloop. I didn't quite get to rank 4 war frigate :(. I have had countless fun times in SVS on the Andaba server, soloing in my two war frigates. I have looted 5 legendary weapons and a Dark Black Sack vest - every looter's dream. I might stop in rarely, but this isn't the last you'll see of me. I plan to go into the MMOG Development field and make my own MMOGS like Pirates ( but better ;) with my own team of developers.

Fair winds, good loot, and I hope I will see you on one of my games in the near future! /wave

~ Capt Shruikan ~

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