After Jolly Roger invasion of Padres Del Fuego fell to the Pirates and Marceline guild, Ol'Roger set sails to a mysterious island to settle a pact with no other than the most vicious cursed pirate in history, Davy Jones. The pact did not go well and Jones ordered his men to kill the scoundrel. On the island is to be rumored, Jolly Roger himself, with his ship, the Harkaway, crashed on to the island, with no way to escape, Jolly Roger is vulnerable to a permanent death.

Speak to Jack Sparrow in the faithful bride to start this quest! You must have completed Story Quest Raven's Cove to begin the quest, Story Quest: Isla De Maldito

This update maties includes: 

Notoriety upgrade to 70!

Weapon Notoriety upgrade to 40!

Potion and Fishing Notoriety upgrade to 30

New Voodoo Staffs and Grenade types!

Two new story quests!

A new cursed island filled with Davy Jones crew battling new undead of Jolly Roger!


Only Unlimited Access members may test this dangerous and mysterious island Upgrade to Unlimited Access and access the test server today! 

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