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  • CaptainShadow11

    Hey guys,

    So today started out like any other.... until I got an e-mail that my pirate was termed.... first I was shocked... then mad... then confused. I only got banned.... once? I believe. On that account, please note, that account had an old body.

    I then went on Facebook... and realized that also today, a BUNCH of people also got termed.... most had old bodies on their accounts, and most did not really know what they did wrong.

    There are now many suspicions that Pirates Online is doing one of two things:

    1. Eliminating old body types for the reason that old bodies are the main reason of account theft, being that they are discontinued. 2. Eliminating players so that they can eventually close the game, with little problems.

    These are not 100%…

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  • CaptainShadow11

    This is an OFFICIAL petition for bringing the old body types back, please sign, this is not fair, they are giving us what THEY want, and not what we want. We want the old body types back!!

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  • CaptainShadow11

    Game and Site Down

    January 5, 2012 by CaptainShadow11

    The game and the site are down. You cannot go on the site nor log in to play POTCO. This is most likely not an update because their site is down as well as the game.

    Just letting you guys know.

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  • CaptainShadow11

    POTCO is closing for maintence, could this mean the update is coming out tonight?

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  • CaptainShadow11

    My History

    November 17, 2011 by CaptainShadow11

    For all who do not know me, I am CaptainShadow11. I started out here.. moved to POTCO Players wiki, and then came back here after things got bad on POTCO Players.

    Many of you may have heard rumors about me, being a control freak, a bad user maybe, all that... I just want everyone to know this, because I am beginning to feel much guilt that I am a bad user, maybe even a bad person...and I don't like it, I want to be an honest good person, and I won't feel that way until all of you know my past.

    A quote from chat:

    "I just want ALL of you to know, that I was some of those things they called me. Like I said I liked high ranks, and I liked working my way up, and I like having power, but honestly, who doesn't? I want everyone to know that. I also w…

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