Hey guys,

So today started out like any other.... until I got an e-mail that my pirate was termed.... first I was shocked... then mad... then confused. I only got banned.... once? I believe. On that account, please note, that account had an old body.

I then went on Facebook... and realized that also today, a BUNCH of people also got termed.... most had old bodies on their accounts, and most did not really know what they did wrong.

There are now many suspicions that Pirates Online is doing one of two things:

1. Eliminating old body types for the reason that old bodies are the main reason of account theft, being that they are discontinued. 2. Eliminating players so that they can eventually close the game, with little problems.

These are not 100% proven! However, the recent many terminations in one day, and other factors, are evidence that supports this. As I said above, this is not just me coming out with some random idea here, there are many players who agree and have experienced this.

In conclusion, Pirates Online may be trying to eliminate pirates without them noticing by terming them for minor and or silly reasons. Be careful if you have an old body account, or in general. Just today, just out of the people I know, there were about 6 terminations of accounts, and as I said above, we are not even sure what we did wrong. I am not the only one who has evidence that can back this, and who believes this is true. Players hard work are going down the drain for reasons unknown.

As I said above, PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

ShadowSig1 02:23, January 4, 2013 (UTC)

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