I just want to clear some things up that have been irritating me a lot lately. Despite what people claim, I DO NOT use an auto clicking program, or any other sort of cheat program, to rank on the leaderboards. I DO NOT use any cheats in the game whatsoever.  There have always been people that say that I use such things, but that is not true, and never will be. Any sort of "proof" they have showing I do these things is fake, or aren't even legitimit. If you don't believe me, go ahead and find me (usually on Kingshead, Bequermo, Battama, or Angassa.) I'm often multitasking when on the game, so the best thing to do is stand next to me, and I will notice and say hello. Don't just assume I auto click, and don't take anyones word that says I do. If you have any questions or hear anything, and want the truth, please feel free to message me. Thanks for reading.

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