• Captain Crocodile

    As you shure can see i have found almost all of the legendary WEAPONS in the game. For who wants to know the places i found them read here:

    THUNDERSPINE SWORD- i found it at the southern hrave in el patrons mine

    WORLD EATER BLADE- i found it at a traitor ghost in el patrons mine

    EMERALD CURSE- i found it in the cave of lost souls

    BLADE OF THE ABYSS- i found it at tthe thrall room

    LOST SWORD OF EL PATRON- at general darkhar of course

    and SILVER FREEZE- at the foulberto smasho boss

    thats all i got. I0 want to get the behemoth blade to master my searching.

    If any body knows where i can find won please comment here and give me a help.

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