Hello, Wiki, I've decided to write this short blog post about my opinion on looting. More importantly, one particular part of it; loot stealing. While this doesn't completely pertain to me, It's a little annoying when people are saying this, and I wanted to say that I think that no one can get their looting stolen from another person, or a person can steal loot from another person. What I mean by this is that I hear people saying, "I would have had Behemoth Blade, but some girl came in, we got a skull and she got Behemoth." My theory is this: (and I'll elaborate on it later) each skull has millions of possible combinations of loot that could be dropped, and it is programmed to drop something for each person in-game.

What I mean is that every skull being dropped has a unique combination for you and people in other servers, looting just like you. So say you are looting alone, you're a male pirate. A female pirate comes in randomly, you both get a skull. In yours: Junk. In hers: Thunderspine Sword. She starts saying how she got T-Spine, and you get all indignant. In her skull, let's say she also got some colord corset. Well, how could she have stolen your loot then? You obviously couldn't have gotten that skull since it had a corset in it. That is why I think every skull has a set loot drop for every person, so if that person hadn't come up and started looting with you, she wouldn't have gotten the Thunderspine, and neither would you (of course, this same idea can be applied vice versa, if in the skull the male pirate gets that weapon along with a sack vest... the female pirare couldn't get a sack vest; therefore, couldn't have gotten that skull drop).

Thank you for reading,

~Captain Sharktooth

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