"piratesonline: @ahhhhhbobba1234 & MrDaggersteel - We've got A LOT of new stuff in the works. I can't divulge what they are right now ... but expect an announcement real soon, perhaps in the next week or two. Both Basic and Unlimited Members won't be disappointed. There's a little something for everyone coming soon! I'd really love to say but can't spoil the surprise ... happy hunting Pirates! Oh and by the way, what kind of armor did you want on your new ship? Ummm ... I've said too much ... nevermind, I'll let you decide.

"piratesonline:@masteryodaman111: Our goal is to have to to Test within the next 30 days but hopefully sooner. The last thing we want to do is rush it out.

piratesonline:&nbsp @CallicoJackracham: It will not be the same ships you saw a year ago. SOTL was never intended to be released ... that was a mishap and instead of taking them away from Pirates we received them why not just let them keep it. What will be coming with our next content are a ship you've never seen before.

piratesonline:&nbsp @MrAngler00: Perhaps ... :) @UndeadDefeaters: It will definitely take us longer than 1 week for our next content to go to Test. Apologies for being very tight lipped about it all but we don't want to make any more promises we can't keep. Lessons learned. However, I can say with confidence the wait is well worth it.

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