Now we all know that we can only hold 42 clothing items, 35 weapons, and 30 tatoos/jewelry. But with all of these updates that are coming out that include new rare clothing and weapons, i can never decide witch clothes
Weapon belt

weapons to throw away and witch ones to keep. There are about 600, 700, or more weapons in this game. And there are probably more than 1000 clothes (And there are about to be more with the new clothing update coming)in the game. It doesn't make much sense for us to only be able to hold a fraction of them with our inventory system.

So why not have a storage system? I'm not completly sure what this storage system might be, it could be our Captain's Quarters in our ships, in a storage crate in a warehouse, or maybe in a bank of some sort. And in this storage system..... pirates should be able to store at least 50 weapons and 50 clothing items. And for a basic access memeber, they can hold 20 weapons and 20 clothing items.

So what do you guys think?

(This idea will become twice as handy when trading comes out....... or if it comes out :/)

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