Ok, so about a week ago, POTC released a picture that looks a little like this:


This gave us a hint about an all new island that is coming soon. And in the phase files, there are some pictures that are called isla mysterious, and here they are.


P.S. ( The island is blue and white because thats how it shows up in the phase files, it doesn't mean its snowing or anything lol.)

Now we all have different ideas of what this new island might be. Some think its Raven's Cove, others think its Isla Pelegosto ( i know i spelled that wrong sorry, lol )and some people think its an island called Isla Mysterious.

Earlier today, POTC posted a blog on the grog blog giving us hints about things coming to the caribbean. Here is the blog:

Rumors are running rampant that some very lethal daggers may have arrived in the islands. Pirates have been overheard in the taverns whispering that these mythical weapons once belonged to an infamous band of assassins from the "Abu Nar Clan" in the Near East. No one knows for sure. But this we do know -- daggers have long been the weapons of choice for assassins because they're silent, easily thrown, and small enough to hide in your clothes. If these dangerous, deadly, daggers have made their way to the Caribbean, what would you give to get your hands on one?

This gives us clues about new dangerous daggers coming to the caribbean. It talks about the Abu Nar Clan, which could be a new group of enemies on this new island, which we have all been dying for. It also says this clan was in the near east. Who knows, the new island might be in the eastern caribbean.

What do you think?

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