Here are some updates that POTCO told us about that would soon be added to the game. But, which one of these do you want the most?

  • Ship customization ( The free choice of being able to customize your ship, puttin cannons where you want, making the hull the way you want it to be )
  • Pirate's Lairs ( Nobody is enitrely sure what this means, but some people think it means a house of some sort, but for pirates, and others think it means its a cave where a very very strong boss is at, like Davy Jones )
  • Higher level caps:Notoritey to level 60, weapons to level 35 ( I highly doubt that they will raise the level caps, but you never know )
  • New story quests ( The story line that takes place between the movies Dead Man's Chest and At World's End )
  • Kraken ( A huge octopus type creature that can attack your ship, for more info, click here )
  • New Islands ( More islands that took place in the movies, Shipwreck Cove, Signaphore etc. )
  • Redesigned islands ( Updated islands like kingshead, cuba etc. )
  • Lager inventory space ( A bigger inventory so that you can hold more weapons, clothes, tattoos, and jewelery. Because im seriously running out of space, lol )
  • New ship types ( Complete new ship designs like the Ship Of the Line or a Galley )
  • Higher Level enemies ( Enemies that are levels 60+ )
  • Sea Monsters ( Monsters like squids or serpents that can attack your ship )
  • New Weapons ( More weapons like rapiers, boarding axes, and scimitars )
  • Pets ( Animals like parrots or dogs to be called yours )
  • Davy Jones ( the Davy Jones boss )
  • The Flying Dutchman Boss ship ( A boss out at sea that you can attack )
  • More redesigned caves ( They redesigned about half of the caves in the game a little while back, but now it's time for the other half )

Now, I doubt that they will add some of these updates, but it's fun to imagine, right?

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