Real pirates had many weapons that they used in the 17th and 18th centuries, like the pistol or blunderbuss.But there are still very many weapons that real pirates used that POTCO hasn't yet added to the game. Below is a list of almost all the weapons that real pirates used. In the comments, pick 5 of your favorite weapons( if you want to pick more than 5, feel free to do so ) and list your weapons from 1 to 5 ( 1 being the weapon that you want the most, 5 being the weapon that you want the least).

  • Small Sword ( Almost like a regular sword, but with a much smaller blade and mainly used for thrusting againt enemies)
  • Boarding axe ( An axe used for taking down ships, or even taking down big enemies )
  • Swivel Gun ( A small handheld cannon used for sailing, it fires many small cannonballs, and it is used for attacking enemies that try to board your ship)
  • Rapier ( A sword with a long blade, used for stabbing enemies )
  • Epee ( A sword almost like a fencing sword, except with a much bigger blade )
  • Scimitar ( A sword with a curved blade on one side, and a straight edge on the other side )
  • Spyglass ( A small hand-held telescope used for sailing, used by pirates to see if land was anywhere near by )
  • Two-handed sword ( A heavy sword with a big blade that most pirates need to use two hands just to wield )
  • Dual swords ( Two swords that are light weight and pirates can use both of their hands to weild each sword in both hands )
  • Mines ( An explosive that gets place in or on the ground, and explodes if something lands on it like a person walking )
  • Musketoon ( A gun similar to a musket, except that it had a much shorter barrel and was more ideal for closer range combat )

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