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  • Captaingoldvane2


    Just thought I'd post some screens :P

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  • Captaingoldvane2

    Hey, so, my hard drive crashed, and I was forced to buy a new one. Upon downloading POTCO, my screen began glitching. My screen basically shrunk to a smaller size and I could see the Wiki chat at PPW and Google Chrome merged with POTCO. Apparently I even kicked a user on PPW chat :P. I tried alot of different buttons, such as CTRL+ALT+Delete, but to no avail. Eventually the "loading tutorial" bar quit growing and it said Pirates Online.exe has stopped unexpectedly. I gladly closed it, hoping to retry without other tabs open. Apparently it did not need to download anymore, and I was able to change the graphics to window and the game was normal. Or so I thought. Upon logging on, I noticed many strange graphical issues within the game. I chan…

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  • Captaingoldvane2

    PirateToon Studios

    October 31, 2012 by Captaingoldvane2

    My friend, Marc Cannonshot, has been doing animated sketchs of player's pirates. They are very detailed and specific, so I thought I would share it with you all. He's definitely got talent. Click here to see some of his work or request a sketch of your pirate!

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  • Captaingoldvane2

    I have recently noticed tons of screens of players getting legendary cursed blades. They seem to be popping up in both tormenta and ravens lately. My friend's brother got WEB and Behemoth in the same day, and my other friend got WEB and 2 Thunderspines in about 3 months. Has anyone else noticed they are popping up for alot of people?

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  • Captaingoldvane2

    I have noticed alot of World Eater Blade droppings in the last 3 months. They seem to be popping up everywhere.

    So far, I have counted the following

    1. John Foulroberts
    2. Jack Cannonskull
    3. Christopher Dreadskull
    4. Bill Plunderbones ( My prediction came true! )
    5. Will Swordskull
    • I also remember seeing some other screens of WEB finds, I just can't remember the names.

    If you know any others, please let me know.

    I am making this blog to just put this out there and let you guys know, WEBs are falling from the sky, so loot at Tormenta and Ravens soon to pick you one up!

    I, personally, do not care a whole lot for WEB, becasue I have Barracuda Blade, but I would still be very happy to finally grab a Legendary Cursed Blade. Who do you think will find the next WEB? How…

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