Everyone....... for all of you who enjoy the POTCO Poker, and also enjoy skeletons...... your gonna like this!

Ok so if you've read the Raven/Raven's Cove article, you probably know that theres skeleton poker coming on the island. On TEST SERVER if you go through Tortuga Graveyard, and then into Rat's Nest.... there will be a small shack. And outside the shack there is a NPC in PvP form ( Like human shape but skeleton clothes and stuff ). His name is Skeleton Poker  Bouncer. Im sure alot already know this but i didn't! So when the island is released, so will skeleton Poker... and not just on the Cove, but even in Rats nest too!

Questions to be answered in comments

Here are some questions..... what do you think?

When will the new island be dockable on Test server?
When will the new island be on Live?

Will skeleton Poker be just like regular poker but with skeletons, or will it be different rules to play?

Will you have to be an Undead Skeleton to play Skeleton Poker?

Will Skeleton Poker only be on Raven's Cove? or will it also be available at Rat's Nest?

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