Hey, so, my hard drive crashed, and I was forced to buy a new one. Upon downloading POTCO, my screen began glitching. My screen basically shrunk to a smaller size and I could see the Wiki chat at PPW and Google Chrome merged with POTCO. Apparently I even kicked a user on PPW chat :P. I tried alot of different buttons, such as CTRL+ALT+Delete, but to no avail. Eventually the "loading tutorial" bar quit growing and it said Pirates Online.exe has stopped unexpectedly. I gladly closed it, hoping to retry without other tabs open. Apparently it did not need to download anymore, and I was able to change the graphics to window and the game was normal. Or so I thought. Upon logging on, I noticed many strange graphical issues within the game. I changed the graphics to Low, then re-logged, medium, high, and even custom, but nothing seemed to help. I am posting this, not only because I would appreciate any work-throughs for it, as it is extremely hard to pvp or even play the game with this deranged visability, but also because some of the graphics seem to look like unreleased or old modified versions of certain textures. ( see below for screenshots ) Is there some kind of conflict with Windows 7 and Pirates Online?

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? Please comment! Thanks


  • I have tried uninstalling the game and downloading it again. No help.
  • I have tried different Custom Graphic settings

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