Captn Jaq

aka Finch

  • I live in a boat or atop the grainy sand..
  • My occupation is freelance privateering ..cough cough.. pirate ..cough..
  • I am a female, whilst others may call a 'wench'
  • Captn Jaq

    PoTC 5 Story-Pitch

    June 26, 2016 by Captn Jaq

    The Empire is fierce and ruthless now. They kill anyone who is suspect of being a pirate.

    There is conflict at the docks, and the two jacks (Sparrow and Finch) are in the center of it. They fight in harmony, in perfect sync, as one with two swords blazing until Jaq disjoints them. In mid-scuffle, she reveals that she loves a man in the crew and the feeling is mutual. They find away to escape the docks and sail off.

    Since their victory over Blackbeard, Jack has been trying to come to grips with being a father. When realizing he's acting "fatherly," he strongly attempts to diverge from it in pure Captain Jack Sparrow fashion.

    When Jack discovers this news, he becomes "fatherly," which leads into a tiff and ends in a heated discussion. A short w…

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  • Captn Jaq

    PoTC 4 Story-Pitch

    June 26, 2016 by Captn Jaq

    Jack goes to the New World in search for the Agua de Vida. He acquires a crew, one member being a french cabin boy (mid-20s). The main enemy is Edward Teach/Blackbeard (either as a privateer, pirate, or in transition).

    The french cabin boy speaks English. Jack takes a liking to the boy, seeing a bit of Will and Elizabeth in him (oddly enough) and takes him under his tutelage. The boy refines his skills as a sailor and a buccaneer. Some time later in a sea fight, Jack is about to get hacked from behind. The boy, while fighting, tries to warn him but fails. Then suddenly, a feminine British voice cries out, "Behind y', Jack!" The sea fight ends in Jack's favour.

    The boy is revealed to being a young woman in front of the crew. Jaq chooses that …

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  • Captn Jaq

    Call to Arms

    I'd like this to happen. If anything, this page will be highlighting our favorite moments in type, pic, vid, audio. (I have some screen records which I'm planning to make into a few compilations here and YouTube).

    A "Funeral Service" as you will. If an admin wants to make it more formal/professional looking, that would be awesome.

    This is basically my invitation to anyone who would like to help and contribute.

    Through the Port Hole

    contribute your videos here; don't forget to sign (wiki sig or pirate name)in the captions/description

    By the Spyglass

    contribute your pics by adding to the slider; don't forget to sign (wiki sig or pirate name) in the captions/description

    s.v.s in general. lol had most of my craziest times with friends and…

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  • Captn Jaq


    July 4, 2013 by Captn Jaq
    • people start playing AFTER you've joined in when nobody is sailing
    • you get sunk 14 seconds after leaving the gate for the very first time That DAY
    • you get powned by half of your enemies fleet
    • people start using hacks JUST to take YOU out
    • you can sink a ship solo, as a basic, on a lit sloop 

    ...feel free to add your own SVS GOLDism in the comment section below ...

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  • Captn Jaq

    i.e.  A Support Group for a Pirate Needing a Hug due to the %!^$ daftness of this reoccuring NASTY habit  Disney is beginning to flaunt!

    Pull up a stool, grab a flagon and pasty,

    and cry yer lil hearts out, mates.

    From in-game woes

    to technical chasms of utter despair,

    cry, shout, spurt what ever ye hate

    or wish to attain.

    JUST as long it's clean to a cabin boy's ear.

    We'd be an endearing lot here, solely needing

    a spleen to vent and a hankie to blow our noses in.

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