Call to Arms

I'd like this to happen. If anything, this page will be highlighting our favorite moments in type, pic, vid, audio. (I have some screen records which I'm planning to make into a few compilations here and YouTube).

A "Funeral Service" as you will. If an admin wants to make it more formal/professional looking, that would be awesome.

This is basically my invitation to anyone who would like to help and contribute.

Through the Port Hole

contribute your videos here; don't forget to sign (wiki sig or pirate name)in the captions/description

POTCO Over The Years02:50

POTCO Over The Years


POTCO getting to level 50!08:03

POTCO getting to level 50!

from: Isaiah MacSpinner

Pirates of the Caribbean Online On Stranger Tides01:53:31

Pirates of the Caribbean Online On Stranger Tides

from: GenLawrence

By the Spyglass

contribute your pics by adding to the slider; don't forget to sign (wiki sig or pirate name) in the captions/description

Scournful Thoughts  &  Loving Memories

contribute here; don't forget to sign however you wish

s.v.s in general. lol had most of my craziest times with friends and national allies. one of the most impressive was when i was a basic lvl 20-something sailor in a lit sloop. a few fury gunners would come when they've  seen i could get bounty then leave once i got seriously owned by some master ship. lol  but there was this one guy, a lvl 50 maxed fury gunny.  who actually STAYED! lol imagine that. he would even hit a runtime and actually Come BACK. long story short. he became my gunny. and i his captain. which is weird because I'M no captain.  it was because of his lack of prejudice that allowed me to become the player who everyone hated yet loved to sink. yes, a gunner taught a pirate how to become a better sailor.  juliette lefleur aka jaquelina finch

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