Jack goes to the New World in search for the Agua de Vida. He acquires a crew, one member being a french cabin boy (mid-20s). The main enemy is Edward Teach/Blackbeard (either as a privateer, pirate, or in transition).

The french cabin boy speaks English. Jack takes a liking to the boy, seeing a bit of Will and Elizabeth in him (oddly enough) and takes him under his tutelage. The boy refines his skills as a sailor and a buccaneer. Some time later in a sea fight, Jack is about to get hacked from behind. The boy, while fighting, tries to warn him but fails. Then suddenly, a feminine British voice cries out, "Behind y', Jack!" The sea fight ends in Jack's favour.

The boy is revealed to being a young woman in front of the crew. Jaq chooses that point to reveal herself fully by exposing her paternal birthmark. Jack is dazed a bit and retreats to his quarters. Jaq follows. There's a discussion of sorts which has Jaq permitting to stay on board.

As they sail to intercept Blackbeard at the Fountain, Jack sorts through newly developed and past issues, hitting humorous and serious points, reevaluating his life, fearing things will change.Will the Fountain be at his full disposal? Will he be able to live with himself forever?

The confrontation ends with Jack as victor... but at what cost.

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