Me Brethren of the Gray Tags, don't fret in what Blue Tags name you. Aye, they might have more things. Aye, they might have more "skills." But YOU, you have passion. You have a future as far and wide as the sea.

Just ponder this, me hearties. 'What does a Blue Tag, Lvl 50, maxed out pirate have waiting for them at the end of their day? Nothing. Nothing, but looting and the occasional one-uppery in Privateering. Sure, in SvS, they might have fury broads, thick hulls, and Skill 5 Open Fire. But you have talent and true, true skill.

If you take away their fancy Blue Tags and yellow, green, blue, red accessories, they have nothing. More likely than not, they can't even sail or fight because all their prized possessions have been locked away from them -- only to be granted through their "unlimitedness".

And if They yell, mock, and spit on you, don't take it to heart, because everyone at the start had nothing. And if They blast words at you like round shots fired from a sloops broadside, then They are no greater than that lead ball sitting at the bottom of the sea.

Your day will come, me hearties. Aye. Your day will come.

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