This was the short version of my amazing guide to leveling CRAZY fast. Sadly I never got to post this before the game ended knowing it was not going to be read. However, I though I would give you little example how much I worked on helping other pirates level.

How it works

To do this, you will never to have a pretty high level doll and at least have the (Cruse) skill.

You simply attune all the grave diggers, use the lowest power attack you have on them (Like cruse) and keep using it over and over. The game calculated it as each time you attack it give you (if you are using curse) 3.5+ rep each hit. Depending on your level on the chart below.

Voodoo Doll

Cruse skill only does 1 damage and the Grave Diggers only have 100-200 health. So you can't really kill them with it. Once you use curse on them lets say about 15 times you get 35 rep. Then lets say you use life drain you get 5+ rep to kill them and the results is you get a total of 56 reputation for EACH level 1!

Just keep doing this with a friend and get a crew bonus 20% more reputation and you can be getting 130 rep for 5 level ones!

Here are some example of screenshots showing how it works :)

Step 1 - Attune then use Curse and Chains

Leveling master1

Step 2 - Use your Life Drain on them

Leveling master 2

Step 3 - Practice and have a crew ready to master!

Leveling master 3

Sorry I did not tell anyone this method to leveling. I worked very hard and was going to help pirates with learning it. :/

Hope you enjoyed.

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