Asking all my friends to vote for me "if you would like" for Charles Warmonk to be this year's Savvy Swashbuckler. Always kinda been dream of mine to because the Savvy Swashbuckler for helping pirates >.> Idk if i did enough this year ( due to being term ) So I leave to voting to you guys, Remember to have fun! :3

Link: Voting Spotlight for A Truly Savvy Swashbuckler!

Also I wrote this last year....... kinda what made me start helping pirates rather then looting >_>


September 15, 2012
Charles Warmonk

I Charles Warmonk promise to make my pirate one of the savvy 6 pirate’s next year by only helping others. I want to prove that you don’t have to be claver, smart, strong, well known, or legendary to be well known. I want to prove to any and every pirate that when you work hard to help others that makes you the savviest pirate of them all. So from this moment on I promise to help others whenever I can. I promise to never turn down a pirate in need. I promise to never get angry or fight with other pirate no matter his/her skill, level, weapons or age. Promise that everything Charles Warmonk does will always be to benefit others.  I see Charles Warmonk as a icon for others, not a play thing for entertainment.


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