Fourth of July Party! Warmonk style!

Hello all, I am just making a blog telling you what I am doing for fourth of July WARMONK STYLE ^_^. I am on POTCO today tell about 8 PM ( PST ) Then I am going to start up the BBQ as well as start cooking some GOOD meat! lol My family and me went out and got the following. Turkey, Rost beef, hambergers!!!, Crab salad, Potato salad, Devald eggs, Chips ( Dorritos, BBQ chips and cheetos. ) Drinks ( Mount dew Blue , Root beer, Fanta red and of course. Dr. Pepper! ) We are setting up the tables now. I am going to be half on pirates and hosting a party tonight ALL NIGHT. Becuase I got nothing else to do in the morning. Well be at Tortos Port royal bar. Party is going to be just chatting. Then we might head looting at tormenta for a few and maybe head off for a material run.... If I can get anyone with a good chopperhead ship to come >_>. Well that's about it, Hope you all have a Great forth of july!

If your coming or just want to say Happy fourth! Leave it in the comments below ^_^ Thanks all!

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