Hello I was competing the feast of strength and I was the pirate who made it and figured out all the clues letting everyone tp to me when i found the GM. I was about to win the race but due to my low level as level 7 since my account was term. I did not win the prize. The Gm stated below and admitted that I should have won he saw me die right next to the plant FAR in front of the others who stated to tp to me since i was already on the island before they got on their ships. Someone nicely revived me and the GM would NOT give me the title even though i said the password "Davy Jones Locker" first and the Gm said i should have won. But after this i did not even give me a place, therefore kicking me out of the competition due to dying. Tell me what you think of this. I personally did not want t materials just wanted to win the race like I should have.

Note these are not in order.

Gm race 5
Gm race 6
GM race 1
Screenshot 2013-06-04 17-51-14
GM race 2
GM race 4
GM race 3

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