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  • I live in Wisconsin
  • I was born on October 7
  • My occupation is Connoisseur of Brights
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  • Cheysa Finn

    Loot New Voodoo Dolls!

    October 16, 2017 by Cheysa Finn

    Posted by Angel O’Bonney on Oct. 14, 2017, midnight

    Ahoy there, all ye pirates…

    It’s been gettin’ crazy in the Caribbean as of late, with Jolly’s Muertos Moon turnin’ all of ye pirates into ferocious zombies!

    We gypsies of the Caribbean have been networkin’, tryin’ to find somethin’ that might aid ye all when fightin’ off the beasts.

    Methinks we were successful! Gypsies from every island pooled their resources together and crafted three new voodoo dolls. We think they be quite powerful.

    Alas, before we could begin sellin’ ‘em in our stores, a group of pirates under the influence of Jolly’s curse raided our wagons and stole the dolls! They’ve been scattered to the wind. We know not where they be.

    But there is still a chance! Attack all the vile crea…

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  • Cheysa Finn

    Posted by The Crew on Oct. 13, 2017, midnight

    Ahoy there!

    Ye best be ready to dance and get possessed. Halloween is almost here!

    In order to get festivities rollin’, we’ve added some nice features to the game for ye to enjoy. As of tonight, the zombie emote will be available. All ye gotta do to is grab yer dancin’ shoes and type /zombie. It be available 'til the end of the month on October 31st, Halloween.

    But wait, there’s more! Startin’ tonight, on this accursed Friday the 13th, the Muertos Moon will be up in the sky shinin’ down on all of the Caribbean. Yer friends will turn to foes! But don’t ye worry, it won’t last too long. The Muertos Moon will be gone around 11:59PM EDT on October 15th. Although, ye won’t be seein’ the last of it...

    We unders…

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  • Cheysa Finn

    Opulent October Garb

    October 3, 2017 by Cheysa Finn

    Posted by Bargain Billy on Oct. 2, 2017, 2 p.m.

    Howdy, mates!

    Me name be Bargain Billy. If me name ain’t a hint enough, yer best bet fer good deals on the hottest garb be with me. Me good lads Davy and Morton be lettin’ me promote this month’s rather… opulent selection of wares.

    Although, methinks they just didn’t wanna talk about our little catalog fiasco the other day! Ye see, our suppliers accidentally sent in all of our wares ahead of time! We were overstocked, so we had to have a lil’ ol’ clearance sale. We hope ye enjoy those new duds!

    Now, ye all are in for a flamboyant treat this month -- I be honored to introduce ye to “Rogue Privateer.” Ye all will find that this garb be quite rugged, and the red accents be perfect for hidin’ blood s…

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  • Cheysa Finn

    Our Lady Grace, Part 2

    September 25, 2017 by Cheysa Finn

    Posted by ??? on Sept. 24, 2017, 9 a.m.

    Determined to finish the story , I awoke early and got the daily chores out of the way. Just the usual stuff, gathering a few days food and preparing my supplies for the journey ahead, I quickly pulled out the book and began reading the letter once more… where had I left off again?

    All Thomas would say was to keep doing what I already do, talk to the officers and tell him stories and gossip, and he would explain more in time. The last thing he said as I left him in the stable that evening, was that there are some things worth risking your life for, and he believed what he was doing, was worth that risk.

    Ah, right…

    Little did I know, that evening would change my life forever. I was still upset with Thomas…

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  • Cheysa Finn

    Open Beta is Here!

    September 21, 2017 by Cheysa Finn

    Posted by The Crew on Sept. 19, 2017, midnight

    Ahoy, everyone!

    The day is here! And we’re so excited! Ready the sails, take the wheel! Open Beta launches at 3PM EDT… TODAY!

    We’ve said it a million times and we’ll say it again! We couldn’t have gotten here without your support. It has been a long journey since September 2015 when we launched Closed Alpha, and we’ve seen this community grow from 106 members to over 100,000! None of us could have expected the game to become the success it is! Thank you all so much.

    In case you’ve been marooned on some desert island until now, "Open Beta" means that the game no longer requires a Beta Key to login, and the 3-hour time limit has been removed! Unlimited play and unlimited access for everyone, all for free,…

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