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Posted by Sid Tackem on Feb. 9, 2017, 9 p.m.

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Ah, February 14th! The day we give our prayers to Cupid or Saint Valentine of Rome so that they may help us find the alluring feeling that makes us complete - love! Be it the love for the sea, golden booty, or the lass that yer ship be, love truly be what every pirate seeks.

And as fer me? I found me heart-shaped treasure chest while scouring the High Seas. Nothing ever enthralled so much as the fine lass who goes by the name of Dedrie Dunnam, who spends most of ‘er time in the old Faithful Bride runnin’ around with ‘em lovely rum supplies.

I’ve pillaged and fought and earned meself a living, but none o’ that seems to be impressin’ her. I even saved her sister from one of ‘em Royal Navy thugs when she wandered too far into the woods of Tortuga. But I know that she be yearnin’ for me, from both the glint in her eyes when she looks at me and th’ words of me little birds.

So would ye bothered enough to help a fellow buccaneer? Win me her heart, and I shall help ye with somethin’ dear. Clothing, like true love, is so sparse and hard to find when traversin’ these waters that be infested with brine, but I have a few things’ fer ye that I paid to get from ol’ Bargain Billy.

Of course, ye can always get the same special outfit from him or any of the peddlers for a certain price, but I provide part of it fer free if ye do the favours that I ask of ye. Visit Erin Amorous in the Rowdy Rooster on Port Royal if yer willin’. I’ll be around this Valentine’s Week ‘til February 17th, and no later, as th’ Navy be havin’ a price on me head.

As a friendly suggestion, I recommend that ye /flirt if ye want to emote yer affections to yer significant other! Also be sure to redeem the code “bemine” for 5000 gold coins!

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