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Posted on Sept. 19, 2015, 6:52 p.m.


Ahoy, everyone!

Boy do we have a lot to talk about today. The feedback from Alpha has been rolling in and so far almost everything is going flawlessly, which we are super excited about! The site has been stable, the game has been stable. Everything has been stable! One of the only major complaints we have had from the testers has been the want for new content. Features to be added in so the only thing isn't just to walk around on the islands and talk to each other. Well, we've heard your cries for content and we have been hard at work lately to deliver some of what ye all want, and we can't wait to share with everyone! So, what have we been up to?

A major hotspot for people to hang out at are the good ol' taverns. On Port Royal, these places be named the "Rowdy Rooster" and the "Royal Anchor". These places are always full of swashbucklers looking to swindle ye out of some gold. The townfolk have been saying that some new folks have made their way into the bars, and these folk have an unusually knack for something called "blackjack". They have set up tables and everything.. and even with all of this, nobody knows their names... They just calls themselves the "Dealer". These people are masters at playing cards, I swear sometimes they be cheaters! I still haven't yet found any proof against them though. Go check these new folk out if ye please, but beware that ye might leave the table penniless.

But... what if ye do become penniless? Well, I think I have found ye a great way to make some gold! I've also heard around town that fishermen have been offering some shiny gold for fish on the docks, and the fishermen even offers the rods to get started too! It seems like quite a nice way to get some gold in yer pockets. Who doesn't like the sound and feel of some gold rustling in yer pockets? This fisherman told a lot of tales, one that really caught me eye was the tale of some other island by the name of "Tortuga". He gave me this thing called a "teleport totem" that allowed me to just magically "teleport" to this other island. It be quite the site to see, ye should check it out! The island isn't too far away from Port Royal. Take a look on yer map for it.

But the biggest of all of these, I heard that the pirate Brethren Court has called on fireworks to be played on all the islands in celebration of the Caribbean being back! Every hour from now until Sunday, September 20th at 11:59 PM fireworks will be played on all islands.

Happy fishing, gambling and firework show watching!

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