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Posted by The Crew on March 2, 2017, midnight

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We don't know if you've noticed, but The Crew has a soft spot for the community. Now, don't let that go to your head! Regardless of how much we care for you all, we still love teasing you with cryptic messages that hint at what's to come. We also sure enjoy hearing the... interesting theories you come up with.

Our latest blog posts have been full of mystery. You must be itching with questions! Well, the torture ends here mates. On March 4th, TLOPO developers will be hosting a stream in which they won't only address your questions, but also will announce news that you most certainly won't want to miss!

The stream will start at 8 PM EST and will run for 2-4 hours, undoubtedly becoming the largest stream we've ever had. Sail over to Developer John Cote's Twitch to watch the show!

We hope to see you there! It'll be "gr8"! (Get it? Cause it's the 8th stream? Ha ha.)

The Crew @ TLOPO

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