2015-9-11 tlopo-alpha-v1.0.0

Release Notes


  • Initial release of The Legend of Pirates Online!
  • Engine update:
    • Updated POTCO's client to support Python 2.7
    • Updated the client to run using Panda3D 1.10.0
  • Logs and screenshots now stored in their own folders
  • The logging system has been rewritten adding multiple improvements
  • .mp3 and .wav audio replaced w/ .ogg for future Linux support and better compatibility w/ our engine
  • Revert an old Disney update which hides the "Connecting" box.
  • Big security improvement:
    • Safeguarded client against code injection and other hacks
    • Safeguarded resources against model manipulation to prevent cheating
    • Safeguarded connection to server against MITM attacks
    • Safeguarded server against custom clients


  • Basic gameplay:
    • Pirate creation
    • Chat/Emotes
    • Making friends
    • Run around Port Royal
    • NPCs (Townfolk)
    • Building interiors
  • 9 brand new alpha SpeedChat phraes have been added!
  • The flip-a-coin emote is back! To use it type in "/coin"

Known Issues

  • Graphical issues with water sometimes causing it to turn black.
  • Occasionally on Windows the game may say "Not Responding", the game is actually working Windows just thinks it isn't. Give the game some time and the "Not Responding" message will go away.


  • Mac and Linux support is not available at this time, they are coming very soon.

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