2015-9-18 tlopo-alpha-v1.0.2

Release Notes


  • Tortuga has been released! Open up the map page in your sea chest ("M" on the keyboard) and click on Tortuga to teleport there!
  • Every hour a firework show will play across the Caribbean in celebration of The Legend of Pirates Online being opened! Stand down at the docks as night sets in to watch the show.
  • The fishing mini-game has been released! Fishing buckets and poles have appeared on the docks of Port Royal and Tortuga, walk up to them in order to play!
  • Blackjack has been released! Walk up to the Blackjack tables in the taverns on Port Royal or Tortuga in order to play. Need some gold? Play fishing or redeem the exclusive code "blackjack" to receive 200 gold!


  • Overall code cleanup
  • Update language localizer to contain newer phrases/game tips.
  • Fix some grammatical errors in the localizers.
  • Removed some words from the BlackList.
  • Removed some words from the WhiteList that may be abused.
  • The fireworks system has been entirely rewritten, each show is 100% randomized making each show more interesting.
    • The firework music has been re-orchestrated, let us know what you think!
    • The firework explosion sound effects have been recreated, let us know what you think!


  • Fix an issue that caused the server to eject the client from the game (Error 117).
  • Fix a bug in the inventory preventing side panel pages from being viewable.
  • When deleting a pirate, the name of the pirate you are deleting now will be in the confirmation box.
  • Multiplayer movement/animations now play as they should.
  • Fixed a crash when jumping and interacting with a interactive.

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