7-2-2016 tlopo-alpha-v1.10.2

Release Notes


  • Happy Independence Day! From now until July 13th there will be hourly firework shows!
  • Monthly Peddler Catalogs have been released! Go visit the Peddlers to pick up the exclusive monthly clothing items.
  • Redeem the codes "fireworks" and "outfits" by July 13th to receive a total of 20,000 gold!


  • Fixed a longtime bug while teleporting from an interior.
  • Fixed a longtime interest leak. This reduces the amount of client lag/crashes and increases the server's stability.
  • Fixed numerous district resets caused by Poker.


  • Code cleanup.
  • Revert back to CXX Motion Trails.
  • The entire teleportation system has been rewritten. Please let us know if you have any issues while teleporting.

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