2016-7-21 tlopo-alpha-v1.11.2

Release Notes


  • Clothing chosen during make-a-pirate will now appear in your inventory.
  • Numerous additions for future holidays, events, and features.
  • Pirates will now be notified in game when their name request is approved/denied. If approved, the nametag will update immediately.


  • Added a missing cave connector to Raven's Cove.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from interacting with NPCs.
  • Fixed a bug with pirates caused by name approval.
  • Fixed a crash associated with game moderation.
  • Fixed a crash when leveling up.
  • Fixed a crash when loading Padres del Fuego.
  • Fixed a crash which prevented you from logging into your pirate.
  • Fixed several bugs with interactive circles.
  • Fixed several bugs with make-a-pirate clothing.
  • Fixed several bugs with poker.
  • Fixed several inventory crashes.
  • Fixed some crashes that occur while fishing.


  • Code cleanup.
  • Corrected several typos.
  • Numerous client/server optimizations to make the game and server run smoother.
  • Updated some moderation/development tools.

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