2015-12-13 tlopo-alpha-v1.2.5

Release Notes


  • It's Christmas in the Caribbean! Pirates make merry with good cheer and jolly decorations around the streets, beaches, and shops across the Caribbean!
  • Fort Charles has been reopened by the Navy.
  • Pirates have discovered have discovered a new island south east from Port Royal named Cuba!


  • Added multiple words to the Whitelist
  • Added a few words to the Blacklist
  • Added music to Fort Charles.


  • Fixed a crash related to whispers.
  • Fixed a crash related to reputation.
  • Weapon motion trails should now be working properly.
  • Multiple bugfixes with in-game effects.

Known Issues

  • There are two exits to Fort Charles.
  • Sometimes players crash while making potions/fishing. We'll be releasing a fix for this soon!

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