2016-1-17 tlopo-alpha-v1.4.0

Release Notes


  • Added a FPS meter to the Game Options panel.
  • Water is now animated! Rewrote the CXX backend that manages waves/etc.


  • Multiple enhancements to game performance.
  • Multiple improvements to game security.
  • Overall code cleanup.


  • Fixed a bug related to scaring away fish.
  • Fixed a bug that caused fish to only bite from one direction.
  • Fixed a bug with the fancy sky dome option.
  • Fixed a crash with reeling in fish.
  • Fixed misc bugs with the feedback panel.
  • Potentially fixed a bug that caused Blackjack tables to stop working.

Known Issues

  • Players sometimes spawn in the air. We're looking into a fix.


  • Code cleanup
  • Game files will now download after you log in.
  • Updates for developer usage.

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