2016-2-12 tlopo-alpha-v1.5.0

Release Notes


  • Love is in the air! Peddlers have been released and are selling the Valentine's Day outfit in celebration for all you lovers out there.
  • Tailors have been released. Visit the shops on Port Royal, Tortuga, and Cuba to buy even more clothes to spice up your pirate's garb!
  • From chickens to pigs, non-violent creatures can now be seen around the Caribbean!


  • Code cleanup


  • Fixed a crash with casting rods.
  • Fixed a crash with entering caves, forests, jungles, and swamps.
  • Fixed an issue causing some models to not appear.

Known Issues

  • Customized clothing colors only appear on the Avatar Chooser and player profile panels.
  • The name of clothing that has been color customized resets to its default color upon re-logging into the game.
  • Players sometimes crash upon leaving caves.
  • Signs for quests appear above certain NPCs.
  • Some pieces of clothing don't appear.

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