2016-6-19 tlopo-alpha-v1.9.0

Release Notes


  • The Legend of Pirates Online is now in a semi-open alpha! Everyone can now register an account and log into the game after scheduling a PlayTime!
  • Added multiple new window sizes to the Game Options panel.
  • Implement PlayTimes.
  • Implemented some OS X specific hot-keys.


  • Corrected the loading screen bar, it should now fill to 100%
  • Fixed a bug which caused right clicking on OS X to not work.
  • Fixed an exploit where you could get ridiculous amounts of reputation.
  • Fixed some bugs with Ship Deployment.
  • Fixed some bugs with the Sailing Camera.
  • Fixed spawn points in various caves.
  • Fixed various prices with Shopkeepers.
  • Potentially fixed a bug which caused some Potion drinking to not work.


  • Added a few debug prints to better explain a crash with Sailing.
  • Changed the way multiplayer interest worked inside of Caves and Jungles to correspond to the way it works on Islands.
  • Corrected various grammatical errors in inventory item names.
  • Improved Moderation tools.
  • Multiple optimizations were made all over the codebase, the game should be running a lot better for everyone!
  • Over 300 words were added to the WhiteList, keep those suggestions coming!

Known Issues

  • The "900 Error" on the launcher is soon to be fixed. We have an entirely rewritten Mac launcher in the works.

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