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Posted by Darby Drydock on June 10, 2017, 5 p.m.

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'Tis troubling times in the Caribbean, mateys. Ships everywhere be sinkin' to unknown foes, and they're nearly as fast as the Black Pearl itself! This doesn't bode well for us, but thankfully I've got a great view of the Caribbean as a shipwright! A fearsome battle seems to have just broken out between these new foes and a pirate fleet, though I think I'll be stickin' to watchin' from the shores o' Port Royal where it's safe! Aye, the pirates be puttin' up a fearsome fight. Looks like there's a few pretty powerful ships out there, a sloop moving like lightning - heck, it be shootin' lightning from its broadsides! Now that's a sight to see! Ahh, and over there I think I can spot a ship spewing fiery cannonballs at the enemy! Looks like the biggest ship of them all seems to be rather... explosive, too. Wait, it can't be?! Bounty Hunters approach! Aye, I recognise their sales from anywhere... fought a few off meself once. Pirates, this be some grave news indeed, our most fearsome foes have finally appeared! Thankfully for us, it appears our friends out there can take care of themselves. They be pushing the Bounty Hunters back! Ahh, this may mean we're sa-... blast, it can't be! The Navy be calling their Warships, and behind them... the Tally-ho?! The blasted Navy brought their strongest Ships of the Line just to deal with the fleet! They be besting the pirates, naught but a ship remains! Pirates, here where ye be comin' in. Looks like the Navy's finally brought out the big guns, and we be needin' yer help! You'll not get a chance like this again, so strap up and get ready for the fight of yer lives. We'll not let them best us, hoist the flag of pirates everywhere and show these Bounty Hunters who owns the seas! Pirates, to battle! Oh, and if you happen to get any materials from their tough hulls, be sure to give me a call! I'd love to take your money - I mean - help you customize your ship. I've got a wide variety of things to help best the Navy, rather ye be wantin' to reinforce your hull to take more shots, speed your ship up, or even just hold more plunder! I suspect they'll soon reach our shores in full force!

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