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Posted by Angel O’Bonney on Oct. 14, 2017, midnight


Ahoy there, all ye pirates…

It’s been gettin’ crazy in the Caribbean as of late, with Jolly’s Muertos Moon turnin’ all of ye pirates into ferocious zombies!

We gypsies of the Caribbean have been networkin’, tryin’ to find somethin’ that might aid ye all when fightin’ off the beasts.

Methinks we were successful! Gypsies from every island pooled their resources together and crafted three new voodoo dolls. We think they be quite powerful.

Alas, before we could begin sellin’ ‘em in our stores, a group of pirates under the influence of Jolly’s curse raided our wagons and stole the dolls! They’ve been scattered to the wind. We know not where they be.

But there is still a chance! Attack all the vile creatures that ye can! Perhaps ye’ll loot one of these here dolls if yer lucky!

Fair winds, mates! Good luck in the fight against Jolly!


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