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Posted by Sea Slasher on Jan. 31, 2017, 10:40 a.m.

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Avast, lads and lasses, I have a proposition for ye!

Ye see, last summer, we announced the very first Savvy Swashbuckler in The Legend of Pirates Online. In case ye don't know, the title "Savvy Swashbuckler" be a long honored distinction since the olden days of the Caribbean. It be reserved for only the best of the best among us.

We took a break from pickin' more Savvy Swashbucklers as we prepared for the launch of Beta, but now that we're a few months past launch, we here at The Crew figured now be the perfect time to select a few more worthy scallywags! And we need yer help!

If ye know a pirate who ye thinks is a Savvy Swashbuckler through-n'-through, tell us about it! Just fill out this here application . Now mateys, thar be a few conditions to follow. Nominees must be in good standin' with the code! Yer mate must not have violated the code at any time in the past, savvy? Lastly, staff members of TLOPO, PiratesForums, and Pirates Online Wiki, including TLOPO Quality Assurance Testers do not qualify. Be sure to sure to submit yer nomination by February 28th. That be the last day possible!

Thanks for yer time, mateys! We look forward to readin' all yer submissions! When the time comes, we'll announce the winners in a news post.

Fair winds, and may yer loot be fit for kings!

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