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Posted by Rosetta Zimm on May 18, 2017, 5 p.m.

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Ahoy, mates!

I’ve got some wondrous news for ye! On May 21st at 12PM EDT/ 9AM PST, ye’ll be able to sail back into the Caribbean! Startin’ tomorrow, May 19th, at 10AM EDT, ye’ll be able to reserve PlayTimes for launch day and beyond! Now, onto the stories I’ve heard...

Some mysterious figures have used their voodoo magic to bring about some big changes in the Caribbean...

Ye’ll find that ye can run the game much more smoothly! With better performance across the board, set sail all around the Caribbean!

Numerous pesky bugs put in place by Ol’ Jolly Roger have been fixed as well!

And now comes the best part, thar be new experiences to be had!

Privateering is now available! Ye can play against yer mates in fearsome sea battles. Ye can also earn Infamy as ye battle! Gain enough Infamy, and ye can purchase exclusive items at PvP Infamy Rewards vendors.

Navy, EITC, and Undead Flagships also be sailin’ around these waters. Ye better watch out for ‘em! But wait, there’s more! Both Privateering and Daily Quests are now available!

Also, brand new water effects have been implemented! The sea should now look as beautiful as any old salt imagines in his dreams.

Oh, and before I forget… If ye want a special hat, I recommend ye pay me a visit on Port Royal. I await yer visit with much anticipation! Ye can also redeem the code gold10k for 10,000 gold. Make sure to redeem it by June 4th!

We’ll be sure to provide even more detail when our official release notes are up on launch day.

See ye in the Caribbean this Sunday, mates!

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