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Posted by Sea Slasher on Feb. 18, 2017, 9:32 p.m.

Feelin savvy 752x400

Ahoy there!

I be here to remind ye that thar only be 10 days left to nominate one of yer mates to be a Savvy Swashbuckler.

In case ye haven’t heard, a Savvy Swashbuckler be a pirate that be the best of the best. A scallywag that brings out the best in each o’ us, whether it be through leadin’ crews, helpin’ with lootin’, or just bein’ all around friendly.

If ye know someone who fits the description, just fill out this here application . Thar be some conditions to follow, though. So mates, take notes. Nominees must be in good standin’ with the code! Yer mate must not have violated the code at any time in the past, savvy? Lastly, staff members of TLOPO, PiratesForums, and Pirates Online Wiki, including TLOPO Quality Assurance Testers do not qualify. And remember, mates – Ye only have 10 days left! Nominations close on February 28th!

That be it for today, ye scallywags. Until next time, fair winds!

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